- Power Factor Correction is Economical

- Reduce the Cost of Electricity

- Reduce or Eliminate Power Factor Penalties

- Increase System Capacity

- Improve System Efficiency

- Improve Voltage

    Low power factor costs you profits every day. Adding Ronk POWER FACTOR CORRECTION CAPACITORS can reduce wiring costs on new installations, increase capacity of existing wiring, reduce power lost in existing wiring, improve motor voltage, and reduce peak KVA or power factor penalties charged by power suppliers.

    RONK POWER FACTOR CORRECTION CAPACITORS are designed and sized for installation at the inductive load. This provides automactic switching, which prevents over-correction during times of low power consumption.

   Heavy gauge aluminum NEMA 3R enclosures are rainproof and equipped with a universal hanger suitable for indoor/outdoor mounting. Knockouts are provided on both sides and back for easy wiring.

    Ronk POWER FACTOR CORRECTION CAPACITORS are available in ratings from 1/2-26KVAR@240Vac and 1-75KVAR@480Vac. Larger sizes are available, consult the factory for details.    
    Ronk POWER FACTOR CORRECTION CAPACITORS, when switched with the motor load by across-the-line starters, are an effective method of correcting low power factor.
    Note: Manufacturer should be consulted if other types of motor controllers are used. There are applications where capacitor switching can damage either capacitors or motors. To determine the best application for your operation, contact us.
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