Provides 3-Phase Power From Single-Phase Lines

    The Ronk ADD-A-PHASE is a rugged, high efficiency power converter that produces balanced three-phase power to operate three-phase motors from single-phase power sources. ADD-A-PHASE converters are available in a variety of input and output voltages with ratings up to 125 HP. Units designed for applications with more than one motor are also available.

    The Ronk ADD-A-PHASE has been used successfully by rural electric co-ops, industry, farm equipment manufacturers, community water and wastewater systems, pump station manufacturers, etc., throughout North America, in many types of environments.

    The ADD-A-PHASE will operate a motor to its full load rating, plus normal overload. They also limit in-rush current when the motor is starting, a critical factor on most single-phase lines.

   The ADD-A-PHASE  can be adjusted to provide balanced currents to motors operating at a constant horsepower load. Its current balance for these types of loads can match that of three-phase systems. This balancing capability enhances maximum motor life, a prime concern when using a large, expensive motor to drive a load. 

    The main advantage of the ADD-A-PHASE over other converters is its high operating efficiency, approximately 97%. Other types of converters generally have efficiencies less than 90%. Over the life of the converter, this difference can add up to a substantial saving in electricity costs.

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